Philippine Mental Health Association – CORDILLERA CHAPTER INC.

Community Based Mental Health Program (CBMHP)

This is a program which aims tp provide awareness about mental health and mental disorders at the community level through psychoeducation, skills building, and empowerment of health workers.


This is a group of barangay health workers who attended the training and are willing to help spread mental health awareness to their community. This group meets regularly to learn the different topics related to mental health.  They can also serve as speakers and conduct echo seminar  to their barangay.

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Here are two of the municipalities PMHA CCI has conducted CBMHP training with.

Itogon, Benguet (2021)

PMHA CCI was able to conduct Mental Health and Psychosocial Support to Itogon Community Frontline Health Workers, funded by the Johnson and Johnson Foundation thru Give2Asia that ran from April to December of 2021.

PMHA Connect: Conducted on April 15 and 16, 2021 at Itogon Training Center, Bua, Itogon, Benguet, PMHA Connect is a series of lecture and training which aims to raise awareness and provide the participants with information and guidance in dealing with their mental health concerns as well as skills in providing psychosocial support to others.

PMHA Circle: Group sessions which provides a safe space to discuss mental health concerns, learn from each other’s experiences and support one another in learning how to cope with their current issues. The sessions also focused on the topics relevant to those discussed from the PMHA Connect.

Stress Management and Focus Group Discussion: This aims to check on the overall well-being of the participants after finishing the program. It also serves as a way to gather feedback from them which can be used for future programs. This activity was conducted at Pugo Adventure, Pugad, La Union on December 11, 2022

La Trinidad, Benguet (2018)

The PMHA in partnership with the Municipality of La Trinidad conducted a 3 level MHCBP Training for the Barangay Kagawads on Health, Barangay Health Workers, and other barangay staff from the 16 barangays of La Trinidad in 2018.

Level 1 to 3 CBMHP Training: These 3-day training are composed of multiple topics on the concept of mental health. Here, participants are trained so they can be equipped to advocate for mental health in their own commmunity.

Kalusugang Pangkaisipan Lectures: The Kalusugang Pangkaisipan lecture, now Kalusugan ng Isip, is a lecture that explains the basic defintion of mental health and how to maintain as balanced well-being. Participants are to conduct this talk to their respective barangays guided by the KP flip chart.

Focus Group Discussion: Conducted to the barangays towards the end of the program. Here, participants are given feedback from their KP lecture. They are also asked certain questions which gauges their knowledge and ability to promote mental health and to ask for their comments and suggestions for the improvement of the program.